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inov-8 F-Lite 195 are the super lightweight running shoes which deliver same performance as X-Talon 190. These shoes pack huge punch for performance to ensure that you can run long distances with maximum stability, comfort and ease. The rich materials used in the construction of these shoes are super lightweight and modern technology featured ensure magnificent performance. The upper of these shoes has been made from the mesh which has the ability to deliver long lasting durability and quick drying. These upper also deliver breathability to ensure that the interior remain dry and fresh. The upper has the magnificent lace up closure which has been attached with the TPU support. This lacing system allows your custom fit and it locks the foot down securely to ensure great performance. The upper of these shoes also has the Met-Cradle webbing which also keeps the fit perfectly secure and snug. The Met-Cradle webbing also offers flexibility to allow natural foot movement and fluidity. These shoes have the footbed cushioned with the foam which contours as per the shape of your feet and give you perfect fit. The footbed is 3 millimeters thick with offers superior cushioning to add excellent comfort. The midsole of these shoes have 1 Arrow Shoc-Zone construction. This midsole is perfect for running with efficient gait, calves and strong feet. This midsole also offers great stability and it deliver great performance. The forefoot part of the midsole is 6 millimeters thick while the heel part is 9 millimeters thick. The heel to forefoot differential of these shoes is 3 millimeters. The outsole of these shoes have the Meta-Flex grooves. This outsole offers pliability to the forefoot to make your training easier and perfect. This outsole has been aligned with the metatarsal to ensure magnificent performance. These shoes also features the Fascia Band which offers stress and fatigue free ride and it also delivers enhanced thrust power. The outsole has the F Lite construction which offers great grip and traction on the hard and solid surfaces for slip free ride. The outsole of these shoes has been made for the Sticky rubber which has been designed from the rock climbing technology. This rubber deliver excellent durability for long wearing and it also delivers exceptional traction on multiple wet and dry terrains for secure ride. The construction of these shoes is Performance Last which minimizes the movement while wearing these shoes also it also offers perfectly customized fit for best performance. These shoes also have the Last construction which offers superior fit to male and female feet. These shoes weigh just 6 ounces as per size 12 which is incredibly lightweight as compare to most of the style available. You can find this style in these colors: Red/ Green/ Yellow, Black/ White, White/ Red, White/ Grey, Red/ Grey, Red 2/ Blue, White/ Black and Lime/ Azure.



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Cpak from Stockholm

"Have been using this shoe for CrossFit for about two months and I'm very happy with it. It's lightweight, has a very flat sole with little heel-toe drop but still enough cushioning for box jumps and sprinting. Only negative thing about them is that they're not very sturdy, and I'm not sure how long they'll last (e.g. rope climbs seem to wear the mid-sole down pretty fast). But that's probably to be expected with this kind of lightweight construction."

Zebra Hopper

Have so far run 100 miles in these shoes. Very comfortable and incredibly light weight. They have a glove-like fit and they feel very similar to the F-lite 230 to run in. Despite being marketed as having "minimal underfoot protection", I have had no problems running on typical UK trails. Having minimal cushioning, they are very much a shoe for mid-foot strikers, and these shoes would also suit someone making the transition to 'barefoot running'.

Ultra Running Dude

I love these shoes. My favorite shoes are the X-Talon 190, they feel like close fitting gloves with lugs that grip any surface. These F-Lights are built on the same last and fit just as well, they have enough traction for most prepared surfaces you will find. Just like the X-Talon they have enough cushioning to absorb an occasional heel strike or jump but it is not noticeable during normal mid foot running. They are a totally neutral shoe with very little (3mm) drop and feel incredibly fast and secure. I was worried that my X-Talons had ruined all other shoes for me, but I was wrong!


A very minimal shoe, perfect for those of you looking for a alternative to Vibrams Fivefingers. A neutral shoe with only a minimal gain in sole width from toe to heal - not like a normal trainer. These are a super lightweight, outright racing shoe. I also have their brother the X-Talons 190 offroad shoe. Both are awesome!! As a triathlete who has used Neutons for the last three years these will become my training and racing shoe when I'm not in my Vibrams. A bonus is they also come in half sizes and they're a British company taking on Nike, Adidas and Asics.

Ozzie Fozzie

I always believed that shoes that provide maximum support was a given for long distance runners till I tried Lite shoes. I'd read about the advantages of 'barefoot running' and while I wasn't willing to abandon shoes altogether, I thought I'd experiment with a light shoe and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The shoe forces your foot forward onto the balls of your feet when you run which is the way we are intended to run. I have run on bush trails in these shoes over the four weeks since I bought them, doing distances between 10 and 25 kilometers and have finished with no soreness in my legs or feet at all. I expected the soles of my feet to be tender as a result of running over rocks and stones but this was not the case either. The shoe is extremely comfortable to wear and are true to size. The laces are a tad long for me, but that's a personal preference.


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